Wind  10 minutes. Commissioned by Orchestra Iowa. Inspired by wind power and the potential of renewable resources.

Excerpt 1: 

Excerpt 2:


Graffiti: Concerto for Chamber Orchestra  20 minutes. Commissioned by the BMI Foundation and the San Francisco Chamber Orchestra.

excerpts from Mov. 2. Spray, Mov. 3. Slow Jam, and Mov. 4. Bubble Letters.


Mother Chords for string orchestra (based on Quartet) 10 minutes. Premiered by the Kaleidoscope Chamber Orchestra.



Fool’s Gold  8 minutes. Premiered by the Cabrillo Festival Orchestra.



Trumpet Concerto  20 minutes. Commissioned by the Dubuque Symphony and Cheyenne Symphony for Manny Laureano and Brandon Ridenour.


The Beautiful & the Good 9 minutes. Inspired by the music of Beethoven. Commissioned by the San Francisco Chamber Orchestra and the BMI Foundation.


The Cosmos 20 minutes. Concerto for woodwind quintet and orchestra in 5 movements. Commissioned by WindSync, River Oaks Chamber Orchestra, Lafayette Symphony, and Concert Artists Guild. Hear the premiere performance featured on NPR’s Performance Today.

excerpt from mov. III Solar Flares

excerpt from mov. II Comet

excerpt from mov. IV Dark Matter

Watch WindSync’s performance of The Cosmos with the River Oaks Chamber Orchestra here.


Luck  6 minutes. Premiered by the Yale Philharmonia. Watch a performance here.


Who Remembers Day (2013) amplified mezzo and chamber orchestra, 11 min.
Virginia Warnken, mezzo soprano Michael Gilbertson, cond. Yale Philharmonia


Outliers (2014) for piano trio and orchestra, 9 minutes
Commissioned by the Sioux City Symphony for the Weiss-Kaplan-Stumpf Trio.


Guitar Concerto (2013) for guitar and strings, 20 minutes
commissioned by the San Francisco Chamber Orchestra for guitarist Ben Pila, with support from the Jerome Foundation


Sinfonia (2012/14) 18 minutes
Based on Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons. Premiered by the Yale Philharmonia.


Splendid City  (2011) 10 min.
Tone poem inspired by music of George Gershwin and architecture of the 1920s.


Wingspan  (2010) 8 min.
Winner of the 2011 Symphony in C Young Composer Competition. Published by Theodore Presser Inc.

Vigil (2007) 10 min.
Inspired by vespers services of the Russian church. Winner of 2007 Palmer-Dixon Prize, and ASCAP Morton Gould Award.


Concerto (2007) for oboe and string orchestra, 12 min.
Performed by the San Francisco Chamber Orchestra

Songs of the South Wind (2007) for cello and string orchestra, 8 min.
Commissioned by the Hempstead Symphony Orchestra. Available for rental from Theodore Presser: Presser