Denial (2020) SATB Chorus, Children’s Choir, and Chamber Orchestra, 30 min.

Premiered by the San Francisco Chamber Orchestra, Benjamin Simon, conductor, Volti, Robert Geary, director, and Piedmont Children’s Choir, Eric Tuan, director.

Program Notes

Denial draws on the words of both poets and flat-Earth theorists (science deniers of an earlier era) to explore the human flaws behind one of humanity’s collective disasters—climate change. Denial was commissioned for the San Francisco Chamber Orchestra, Volti, and the Piedmont East Bay Children's Choirs by the BMI Foundation and the SFCO, with additional support from the National Endowment for the Arts. Premiered at the Herbst Theater, San Francisco, April, 2022. 


I Hear Survivors (2023) SATB, 8 minutes
Based on a poem by Abraham Lincoln. Commissioned by David Hahn, premiered by the Schwob Singers at Columbus State University.

Watch a performance here.


Born (2017) 8 part SATB, based on a poem by Wislawa Szymborska. Commissioned by The Crossing.

About creation and premiere of Born:


Migration (2019) SATB with cello, 13 min.
Original text by Kai Hoffman-Krull. Commissioned by Kent Trittle for Music Sacra, NYC. Performed live by Choral Arts Initiative. Brandon Elliot, artistic director.

I. Migration

II. A Future Softening

III. Silhouettes

Watch a performance here.


He Has a Dwelling (2016) SATB, 3 min.
Based on St. Patrick’s Creed. Commissioned by Ad Astra Music Festival.


Returning (2015) for double choir, based on the bliblical story of Jonathan and David, 20 minutes
Text by Kai Hoffman-Krull. Premiered by Musica Sacra. Performed by The Crossing.


About Silence (2015) SATB chorus 4 min.
Commissioned by The Esoterics, Text by Kai Hoffman-Krull.


Late (2015) SATB chorus, 4 min.
Commissioned by The Esoterics, Text by Kai Hoffman-Krull


Where the Words Go (2012) for SATB chorus, 6 minutes
Text by Kai Hoffman-Krull. Premiered by The Yale Camerata.


A King’s Prayer (2016) SATB choir
Based on a prayer by Henry VI. Commissioned by the Schola Chamber Choir of the University of the South.


Console Us (2018) SATB chorus 7 min.
Premiered by the Boston Conservaotry Choral Ensemble, George Case, conductor

The Lord Looks Down (2014) SATB chorus and piano, 4 min.
Based on Psalm 14.

Three Madrigals After Dowland (2011) SATB chorus soloists 14 min.
Commissioned by Musica Sacra, Premiered at Alice Tully Hall, May, 2011
Available from Boosey & Hawkes: Boosey

I. Weep You No More

II. Burst Forth, My Tears

III. Come, Heavy Sleep


Two Medieval Carols (2007) for SATB chorus and piano,  5 min.
Available from Schirmer